The arrival of the baby is a precious moment in your life. Baby shower is a moment where parents, friends, and family came to celebrate the birth of the baby. But hosting a baby shower can be very expensive and burden your budget. You have to find some baby shower diy decorations ideas to make your baby shower stay interesting, and in accordance with the budget you have.


 baby shower diy decorations


Baby Shower DIY Decorations: Table Decor

The first baby shower diy decorations idea is about table decor. Buy plastic tablecloths which usually be sold at the dollar store, there are many color options to choose from, one of the attractive color is pink. By using the ribbons that have different colors, align the ledges of the table. To add a more festive impression, you can use pastel green or dark pink color.


At the dollar store, you can also buy stuffed animals, baskets, and colorful tissue paper. By using tissue paper, line the basket. You can use pastel colors such as yellow, green, pink and blue. Add decorations of stuffed animals by extending the paper in side of the basket and hang the decorations animals.


You can use beaded bracelets, baby keys or pacifiers to replace refined napkin rings. As a necklaces you can use a slender elastic thread and beads be used to write the name of the baby.


Baby Shower DIY Decorations: Vases and Slight Fragrance

Another baby shower diy decorations idea you can try is to make vases from baby bottles. Fill vases using your favorite flowers. And to make a slight fragrance, you can also use a baby food jar that was empty, place the tea-light candles in it, and do not forget to remove the jar’s labels.


Baby Shower DIY Decorations: Practical Decorating

In the room, you can hang clotheslines. On these clotheslines, hanging objects associated with the baby using clothespins. Add the balloon decorations to make the party more festive and choose the colors of balloon that you like.


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