Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate the baby shower? Consider the baby shower brunch! Here are the list of baby shower brunch ideas that will be useful for you.


baby shower brunch ideas


Baby Shower Brunch Ideas: Outdoor Brunch

Create a different atmosphere by making baby shower outdoors. Especially, if the conditions outside were nice, airy and comfortable. There are many places that can be used as event location, such as public park or pavilion will be very suitable for a baby shower brunch. Do not forget to serve coffee, muffins, bagels, and fresh beverages, such as juices. Enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine,  do not forget to accompany mom-to-be while celebrating the birth of her cute baby in the outdoor picnic……


Baby Shower Brunch Ideas: Brunch Pot Luck

Most people think that pot lucks is a backyard barbeque party and also supper club. In fact,  one of the good way to make a baby shower more enjoyable is making it a pot luck. Make every attendee assigned to either a “tasty” or “sweet” food. Cut up fruit, cinnamon rolls, or strata casseroles and so many more, that can be a good option for you. And do not forget to provide a variety of beverages, such as teas, coffees and juices to provide a refreshing atmosphere. This will really help you to save on  budget, and make every guest involved in the planning of baby shower.


Baby Shower Brunch Ideas: Luxury Brunch

Another baby shower brunch ideas is luxury brunch. Do you have an unlimited budget? Give the best for the mom-to-be! Celebrate your baby shower in a luxury hotel. Provide treatments for the mom-to-be in the early morning, by doing prenatal massage or pedicure. After that, make the mom-to-be to meet up with her friends and family that she loved at the baby shower brunch. She would be happy if pampered, and most luxurious hotel will help make seating, decorations, and so on.


Baby Shower Brunch Ideas: Everyone is Invited Brunch

And this is one of interesting baby shower brunch ideas for you to do. When hosting a baby shower, most of us often ignore the father-to-be and husband of the guests, and also the older child in the family. Each member of the family were happy to welcome a new life when the baby is born. Try to make a baby shower where everyone is invited. Eliminate silly games, and make the baby shower to be relaxing and enjoyable. Of course, this event could be held in the home, relative’s home or at a friend’s house, or other places that have been mentioned above.


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