Baby Shower Brunch Ideas

When finally you and your husband agree to hold a baby shower to welcome the birth of the baby which will be done about two or a month away, then you should immediately think of foods that are in it whether it will be baby shower brunch ideas, lunch, or dinner. Then, if you already know the time and place, of course it will be easier to determine the kinds of menus. In this article we will discuss it together about the baby shower brunch ideas. Then below we will give you some advice and examples of menus that can be tried to present a brunch on the invited guests. Moreover we found that usually the invited guests are people nearby and close relatives so it would be better if you as the host provide the best menu for them. And according to the title of this article, then we will start to give some example.

baby shower brunch ideas

Baby Shower Brunch Ideas: Buttermilk Scones With Blueberry

Buttermilk scones with blueberry chopped is the first menu you can try for a baby shower brunch ideas. It made of wheat flour, milk, chopped blueberries, and chocolate chips on it. Do not forget to pair it with buttermilk as the sauce to eat it. The food menu is certainly not the regular menu because usually a pregnant woman would want to enjoy a special moment with a close friend or family while having brunch together.

Mini Croissant With Cheese And Meat Sauce

Mini croissants are also one of the foods that can be applied to a baby shower brunch ideas. This kind of savory pastries are called croissants and came from France. It has soft texture and you will find stuffing contain in it. You can fill out a croissant with cheese or meat. Croissant pastry usually forms without stuffing as well, so you have to eat it with sauce. Make a light sauce cheese and meat. The baby shower will be better with mini size of croissants.

Fruit Tortilla

Fruit tortillas can also be used as a menu of baby shower brunch ideas. The tortilla bread filled with chunks of strawberries, cream cheese, and banana slices will be the favorite menu which is tasty and light. You can add blac

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