Baby Shower Cake Recipes

baby shower cake recipes

Baby Shower Cake Recipes

Delicious and Easy Baby Shower Cake Recipes

By Kristi Patrice Carter

A baby shower is a special time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the excitement of new life. One of the most important aspects of the baby shower is the cake. Of course some people choose to simply visit the bakery and order the usual, boring sheet cake, while others choose to lend a personal touch to the shower and create a one of a kind masterpiece that will be remembered forever.

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Creating your own baby shower cake shouldn’t require a degree in the culinary arts. What it does require is just a little creativity, a few pans and some basic ingredients used for making any type of cake. You’re only limited by your own imagination when it comes to making delicious and easy baby shower cakes.

Baby Shower Cake Recipes: Stork Cake

Baby shower cake recipes. Ingredients:

3 boxes cake mix, any flavor

2 4 x 6 inch bread pans (rectangular)

1 6 inch round cake pan

1 9 inch round cake pan

1 large piece of cardboard, covered in colored plastic wrap

Embellishments; licorice, round candies

Baby Shower Cake Recipes: Directions

Baby shower cake recipes. Prepare cake mixes according to the directions on the box and pour into each cake pan. Allow cakes to cool completely, you may even wish to freeze them as frozen cake is much easier to work with and will be thawed by the time you are done icing and adding the finishing touches.

Slice one of the bread pan cakes in half to create the legs for the stork, and cut the other bread pan cake in half diagonally. Place the largest round cake in the center of the plastic wrapped cardboard, then use one of the diagonal pieces to create the neck, placing the widest end flush against the round cake.

Remove the extra corner that doesn’t meet the round one, and place the 6 inch cake here against the cut edge to connect to the head. The widest part of the other diagonal piece should be placed flush against the head to form the stork’s beak. Place the legs on the bottom of the body, and ice in white or pale yellow.

The beak and legs can be iced using black, brown, or orange, or bright yellow icing. Use candies for the eyes, licorice for the wing and for a line through the beak. For an extra touch, add a plastic baby from the craft store and wrap in a white cloth, placing the corners of the cloth at the edge of the stork’s beak. The cloth can be secured to the cardboard beneath the cake with discreetly placed push pins.

Easy Butterfly Cake


3 boxes of cake mix, any flavor


Food coloring

Heart-shaped cake pan

Muffin tin

Aluminum foil




Baby shower cake recipes. Prepare the cake mixes according to the directions, using the heart-shaped pan to create the butterfly’s wings. If you only have one heart-shaped pan, you’ll need to bake the wings separately, allowing time between each to cool. If possible, bake one of the wings the night before to cut down on cooling time.

Cut the cakes from the muffin tin in half and ice with black or dark brown icing for the body of the butterfly. The heart shapes should be placed on either side of the body and colorfully iced. Candy and licorice can be used for eyes and antennae.

Baby Shower Cake Recipes: More baby shower cake ideas

- Baby Bunny Cake: Create a pink or blue bunny using round cake pans (or a bunny-shaped one of course), icing, candy drops for the nose and eyes, and square pieces of white gum for the teeth.

- Umbrella Cake: Again using round cake pans, colored icing and some thin licorice for the details, you can easily create a colorful umbrella cake in pink, white, blue, or yellow.

- Baby Bootie Cake: Cupcakes can be cut and shaped into baby booties, iced, and decorated with licorice for the laces.

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