Make baby shower card sayings for friends or family can be a challenging and fun project. There are many options for you, and of course it will be difficult, if you do not know the etiquette of the baby shower. You should follow some etiquette, such as age, gender, language and formality. Be careful in writing and choosing your words, and you can make the invitation card that will be appreciated by people.


baby shower card sayings


Baby Shower Card Sayings: The Color of The Card

Card’s color will show information about the gender of your baby. If you want to give a surprise, you can choose a neutral color such as green or yellow, and you also have to use neutral words instead of “He” or “She” but rather use “Baby”.


Baby Shower Card Sayings: Common Information

Write down all the information relating to party, such as  for whom the event  was made, the date, place and time of the baby shower. If this is a surprise party, make sure you writing it clearly on the invitation. Do not forget to write down the phone number of baby shower organizers, if there is someone who lost or had questions.


Baby Shower Card Sayings: Gifts That You Need

When you make baby shower card sayings, don’t forget to write down all the information about the desired gift. Write the full name of the store or website, where the baby shower organizer or the parents have registered. If the mom-to-be do not want gifts, for example, if this is not her first baby, then it should be written clearly at the bottom of the card.


And the last thing to do when you make baby shower card sayings is writing down the number of guests who have confirmed to attend the baby shower. And you can order some cute baby shower card design at this website. We hope this article will be useful for you, thank you!


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