Hosting a baby shower for family and friends can be a tiresome activity and also expensive. Plan a baby shower based on the budget capacity of the person. In your budget, it is important to determine the amount of money spent to buy food, because food plays a major role in the baby shower. Money is not the only thing at play, there are many things you should do before the baby shower, the time you spend in the kitchen also can not be taken lightly. Finger foods are very simple and tasty to serve, besides the price is also inexpensive. And here are the list of baby shower finger food ideas to make your baby shower more amazing and fun.


baby shower finger food ideas

Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas: Pigs In A Blanket

First baby shower finger food ideas is pigs in a blanket. Make pings in a blanket for the baby shower is also very easy and simple, yet  delicious to serve. The most inexpensive way to make this meal is to use canned biscuits and little smokies. Preheat oven according to the instructions contained in the biscuit cans. Roll little smokies in the biscuit, and make sure the amount of food you make is enough for all the guests. Watch carefully the pigs in a blanket when it baked, so it can be cooked perfectly.


Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas: Cheese Dip

Making cheese dip is simple and not time consuming. To get perfect results, cook the dip using a slow cooker, it aims to prevent the dip stick to the pan or it may burn. You can use a slow cooker to warm the dip in high or low level of heat , depending on the needs of the presentation to your guests. When the dip is ready to serve, and then you can make the slow cooker on warm setting, so the dip stays hot. You can serve the dip in a hot pad or trivet. Do not forget to include chips, either plain or tortillas.


Baby Shower Finger Food Ideas: Sandwiches

And this is the final of baby shower finger food ideas is sandwiches. Sandwiches also very easy to make and can be served to all guests. There are many types of sandwiches that your guests will like, such as, tuna salad, turkey salad, chicken salad or ham. Cut the sandwich in a small serving, cut the sandwich into three or four parts. You can use cookie cutters that have a theme, so it will be suitable for your baby shower. This is a simple way to make your sandwich look more cute and creative.


If you don’t have time to make all of them by yourself, you can order them through this website. Enjoy your baby shower, have fun!


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