Baby shower provides the opportunity for friends and family to congratulate and pamper mom-to-be. When hosting a baby shower don’t forget to serve desserts, food and drinks. Baby shower theme, time of the event, and the number of guests is also something important. Serve the best baby shower food and drinks for your friends and family.


baby shower food and drinks


Baby Shower Food and Drinks: Finger Foods

Finger foods perfect for baby shower food and drinks. There are many types, bite-size and small baby shower food and drinks can be served at a baby shower event, finger foods are usually preferred by the guests. Cut the cucumber sandwiches or tuna into a triangle form, then serve and arrange them on a plate. You can also serve fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and grapes, you can serve them in a salad, or with skewers. You also can serve baby shower food and drinks of vegetable platter with celery, carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli with a crab dip or light ranch. Do not forget to serve crackers with cheese dip. Snacks will bring fresh atmosphere to the guests at the baby shower.


Baby Shower Food and Drinks: Dessert

Dessert is also perfect for baby shower food and drinks. Serve two or three types of dessert to your guests. Small squares of blueberry, raspberry and strawberry cheesecake can be served to bring fresh atmosphere. You can also serve berry pastries and apple flaky. A platter of sugar cookies, peanut butter and chocolate chips can also be an attractive option. You can serve the cake with the theme of the baby, such as baby bottle, baby toys, and others. This cake can be placed in the middle of the table, and after the gifts have been opened, serve the cake to guests.


Baby Shower Food and Drinks: Drinks

You should consider the type of food before serving drinks. Drinks must be completing and in accordance with the foods served. For brunches and light finger foods, you can serve drinks such as grape juice or apple juice. To make the cranberry sparkler you can mix cranberry juice with lemon-lime soda. As the ice cubes, your can use frozen raspberries or blueberries into the drink. To complete sit-down meals you can serve ciders or soda. If you are hosting a baby shower in an outdoor location in the afternoon, you can serve fruit slushes and root beer floats to get more refreshing atmosphere.
We hope this article about baby shower food and drinks will be useful for you, enjoy!


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