Baby Shower Game Gifts

baby shower game gifts

Baby shower party is the time when the mother to be can have fun with her friends so that’s why the mother needs to prepare some fun activities for the baby shower time. Those activities will make the guests that are the friends of the mother can enjoy the baby shower day. Besides the decoration, the food, invitation and also the favors that should be organized, the fun activity such as baby shower game gifts should be arranged too. By arranging the baby shower game gifts, you can make the enjoyable activities while giving the gifts for the guests. You can prepare special gifts for the guests who can win the game. These are some the games that can be your ideas to make your own.

baby shower game gifts 2

baby shower game gifts 3

baby shower gifts for guests homemade

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Guessing “Who” For Baby Shower Game Gifts

This is very perfect game for the mother if having many guests that do not know well each other. Before doing this game, you can prepare some questions such as who has the most children or who is kid is the youngest and etc. After that, you can give questions to the guests and let them ask each other to find the answer. The one who have the correct answer is the winner of this game and she deserves to get the special baby shower game gifts that you have prepared.

Guessing Baby Food For Baby Shower Game Gifts

For doing this kind of game, you should prepare some different kinds of baby food. Then, you should place them in different bowls. You also have to make those foods have similar look to each other. If the foods are already ready, you can ask the guest take turn to examine the foods and then write down the names of the foods. If some of them can give the right answers, they get the baby shower game gifts.

Don’t Say Baby For Baby Shower Game Gifts

The main rule of this baby shower game gifts is the guests prohibited to say the word “baby”. Before playing this game, you have to prepare some diaper pins for the guests. You can give some pins, for example 10 pins for each guest. Then, if the one say the word “baby”, the other guests should take one of her pins. The winner of this kind of baby shower game gifts is the one who get the most of diaper pins. This game will make your baby shower party full of laugh because every time the guest say the word “baby”, all the guests will automatically laugh.

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