Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas

Baby shower games assist to make new friends, get guests communicating and keep everybody amused. Offering a winning prize to the victorious one of every game may get everybody into the competing spirit and raises the pleasure element for the activity. Here are baby shower game prizes ideas to inspire you!

Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas: Bath Products

The first item in our baby shower game prizes ideas is bath products. Assist guests returning their skin to child real softness with a baby shower reward of exfoliating and also treatment bath items. Exfoliating items include a body scrub, sugar scrub, facial scrub, loofah sponge, salt scrub or pumice stone. Hydrating items consist of body and also fancy soap, cuticle lotion, bath oil, bath salts, foot lotion, body wash and face lotion.

baby shower game prizes ideas

Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas: Candles

Ornamental or perfumed candles are cheap. A single perfumed candle acts as a small reward at a baby shower, and also a satchel of a number of candles acts as a big reward.

Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas: Homemade Sweets

And the next item in baby shower game prizes ideas is homemade sweets. Providing a dish of homemade candy at a baby shower provides a individual touch. Sugar snacks cut into bottle shapes , stork or even baby and embellished with pink or even blue frosting fits any shower concept. Dark chocolate cupcakes topped with glowing blue frosting as well as small gummy “rubber” ducks are a reward for a nautical or even duck-themed baby shower.

Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas: Greenery

And the next item in our baby shower game prizes ideas is greenery. Potted vegetation and blossoms tend to be earth-friendly awards for a baby shower with a “eco-friendly” concept. An affordable pot along with soil and any little starter plant, for example a fern, performs as a reward. A bow covered all-around the pot, or even a ornamental ceramic pot, provides the reward a more costly look. A little terra-cotta plant pot packed along with a wildflower seed box as well as plant-food box is a reward for family and friends who like do-it-yourself tasks.

Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas: Filled Bottles

An affordable infant bottle as a container becomes daily products into baby-themed awards. Fill up a bottle with little sample packages of tea, gourmet coffee or cocoa.

Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas: Gift Certificates

And the last item in our baby shower game prizes ideas is gift certificates. Gift certificates for a nearby store may appear to be an impersonal baby shower reward, but they enable the receiver to select the exact product wanted. Cheap awards can contain 5 dollar to 10 dollar gift certificates to a bath store , coffee shop or even bakery. Costly awards can consist of 20 dollar to 100 dollar gift certificates to a boutique, salon, restaurant or even spa.

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