Are you confused in deciding what prizes you have to give to the winner of the game in your baby shower? Or you have decided what kind of prizes but you are saving money right now? No need to worry, there is always a way to Rome. Keep reading to know about baby shower game prizes ideas that will make your guest won’t forget you.

baby shower game prizes ideas

Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas for Guys

It may be easier to find prizes for woman. However, nowadays there is men’s baby shower. When it comes to men, the best baby shower game prizes ideas are giving them all about alcoholic things. We all know how men really like things like wine, beer, and all alcoholic drinks. That is why they must be happy to receive such gift and it will make them more enthusiastic in participating in the game. So, indirectly it will affect the festive of your baby shower. One of other best baby shower game prizes ideas for guys is food. Men love to eat, giving them food as a gift will beatify them. You can give them light foods such as chocolate, chips, and biscuits or cakes.

Inexpensive Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas

Having baby shower means you have to think of baby shower game prizes ideas too. However, some of you may have trouble when you have to spend so much money only for the game prizes. Actually, there is no need to spend so much money when you can think of inexpensive baby shower game prizes ideas. All you need is creativity. The cheapest and easiest baby shower game prizes ideas is food because even the cheap one will give the same satisfaction, which is a full tummy. You can give them light foods to reduce your expenditure. Or to make it even cheaper, you can make it yourself, it can be a shortcake or cupcake.

DIY Baby Shower Game Prizes Ideas

Other than giving food, DIY things will be a good baby shower game prizes ideas. You can make the gift yourself, after all the essence of the game is to festive the baby shower itself not to compete for prize, isn’t it? However, it doesn’t mean you can make it perfunctory. Still they will be happier when they get a worthy prize and you have to appreciate their excitement and participation in the game. You can give them such DIY souvenirs. To make it more attractive, add anything relates to your baby shower, make them remember you and your baby whenever they see your prizes.

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