Baby Shower Games And Prizes

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Baby showers are the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming addition to a family. Although these parties involve opening presents and eating food, the most enjoyable showers often include games. The games should engage all of your guests so they can meet each other and interact with the group. For each game, include prizes for the winners.

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baby shower games and prizes

The Magic Word
The Magic Word is played from the very beginning of the party right until the end. As each guest arrives, give them a necklace or bracelet strung with 10 items. These items can be large diaper pins or small, ringed pacifiers. Tell everyone that they can’t say the word “baby” during the shower. If someone says it, the first person who alerts the party to the misstep takes one of their items from the offender’s necklace and adds it to their own. At the end of the party, award a prize to the person with the most items on their necklace. Consider giving a gift card to a coffee shop or a personalized coffee mug.

Guess the Amount
Fill up a large, transparent jar or pail with candy, plastic pacifiers or other small items. Count the amount before you add it to the jar and write down this number so you remember the amount. At the party, set out the jar and ask each guest to guess how many candies are in the jar. Leave out a clipboard so guests can sign their name and write down their guess. At the end of the party, give a prize to the person who guessed a number closest to the contents of the jar. The prize could be the contents of the jar or a larger prize such as a fun T-shirt, a beach bag, or a small kitchen gadget.

Baby Trivia
After the mom-to-be has opened up all of the presents and everyone is chatting and eating, hold a baby trivia game. Create questions that are personal to the woman having the baby. These could involve the date the baby was conceived, what gender the father-to-be is hoping for and the number of children they plan to have in their family. Divide the party guests into teams. For best results, keep teams even by spreading out people who know the mom-to-be well and those that are more casual friends. The members of the winning team could receive a small gift bag of baby-themed desserts and treats.

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