Baby Shower Mints

There are so many thing that you can prepare on a baby shower such as invitations, decoration and favors. You can also prepare baby shower mints for your guests. There are various kinds of mints that you can put as the favors. There are homemade mints, pink mints for baby girl shower and blue mints for baby boy shower.

baby shower mints

Homemade Baby Shower Mints

There are several kinds of favors that you can prepare for your guests. You may try give some unique favors and edible favors for your baby shower. Edible favors are the best favors for your baby shower. You can make it by yourself, if you worry about the quality of mints for health. Homemade baby shower mints is easy to make, you just need to look for the best recipe to make it. You can make cheese cream mints, chocolate mints or strawberry mints for the favors. You can find the procedure to make it on magazines or browse it on internet. Homemade baby shower mints is suitable for both baby boy shower and baby girl shower.

Pink Baby Shower Mints

Having plan to make a baby girl shower? You may need some preparations from the invitation to the favors. Pink baby shower mints is the best favors for baby girl shower. This is the best choice for your pink baby shower theme. You can choose strawberry mints for the favors. Pink mints with chocolate cream is also the best choice for your favors. For the best favors, you can put icon or letter to the pink mints to give the best look for your favors. You can find pink baby shower mints in cake and candy store or you can make it by yourself with the best recipe for favors.

Blue Baby Shower Mints

There are various favors for baby boy showers. You can try baby shower mints for your baby shower favors. If you want to make a baby boy shower, you may need some baby boy shower favors ideas. A blue mint is the best choice for your baby shower favors. This is suitable for blue baby shower theme and you can find various blue mints with various designs. You can choose blue mints with chocolate or cheese cream for your favors. Choose the best design with letters and icons on it for the best favors; it can make your favors more attractive. There are still many kinds of mints that suits on your baby shower theme, you just need to choose the best design and the right color for the favors.

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