Baby Shower Snack Ideas

The celebration of baby shower certainly will not be separated from the baby shower snack ideas. Then if you are the host and as a good pregnant mother, of course you will prepare many delicious snacks which will be unique, nice, and very illustrate the cheerful shades if it seen from the shape and appearance of food you served for the invited guests. But there always be the obstacle to make something good and in this case is the recipe which you should follow. If you still in doubt to find the best recipe for a snack for a baby shower celebration, of course, you can look it up on the internet. But you do not need to worry because in this article we will explain some suitable snacks, tasty, and interesting to be cooked and served by the host of the baby shower celebration. Then you as the host do not need to be confused if it would hold a baby shower soon.

baby shower snack ideas

Baby Shower Snack Ideas: Fruit Tortilla Sandwich

You can make fruit tortilla for sandwich session in the baby shower celebration event. The food seems to be one of the baby shower snack ideas which will be simple, filling, and healthy as well. How to make it is simple, you only need two tortillas skins which are cut with the same size. Apply the cream cheese in thin layer on the top surface of the tortilla. Sprinkle cut strawberries into it. It will be better if strawberries should be cut into small pieces so that when tortillas cut into several parts, all tortillas are still gets strawberries. Add black pepper on it to make a delicious taste. Give mint leaves if you like this baby shower snack ideas.

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad can also be one of the baby shower snack ideas. How to make it is so easy, you just have to mix several kinds of fruit, chopped into one container. After all ingredients are well blended, put olive oil and mayonnaise in this baby shower snack ideas.

Egg Roll With Tomato

In addition you can make an egg roll with basil and tomatoes in it as the baby shower snack ideas. You just need to separate the bread of his skin. Cut into a rectangle, add a fried egg, basil, mayonnaise, pepper, and tomato pieces, then roll and fried into baby shower snack ideas.

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