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Designing baby shower for baby girl would be fun and challenging for mom-to-be. You need to decorate the party with girly theme. If pink is too common for baby girl theme, you can go for theme with other colours such as a ladybug. Ladybug decorations for baby shower can be a good choice for you especially if you want to hold baby shower party in either spring or summer season. There are many elements in baby shower party that you can dress up using ladybug character. These are several ideas of ladybug decorations for baby shower.

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Ladybug Decorations For Baby Shower Invitation

Invitation is very important thing when you want to host a baby shower party. The invitations commonly will adapt the theme that is used for entire event. If you choose ladybug theme for baby shower, you should decorate the invitation card with ladybug decorations for baby shower. as well. For instance, you can use envelope with red colour. As for the invitation paper, you can use white paper with polka dot border. To strengthen the theme, you can add some ladybug pictures in the invitation paper and envelope.

Balloons With Ladybug Decorations For Baby Shower

Balloons are common decorations for any party. However, for your baby shower party you can use the balloons to dress up the venue and entrance. Choose balloons with colours that represent ladybug live. For instance, you can use balloons with white, black, and red colours which represents ladybug. Green is good choice as well as it can represents leaves. For more interesting look, you can use polka dot balloons as ladybug decorations for baby shower. You can use various options such as red with black dots, black with white dots, or red with white dots. These balloons will create unique ladybug decorations for baby shower..

Ladybug Decorations For Baby Shower Table Centrepieces

Centrepieces are other part of party decoration that should be given a sense of theme. You can create a centrepiece that represents the living environment of ladybug. Flowers are perfect choice to create a centrepiece. For simple centrepiece you can use daisies and put them in a mason jar. Decorate the jar with ribbon for cuter look. If you want to create more adorable look you can use red tulips or red roses as ladybug decorations for baby shower centrepiece. Those red flowers not only create wonderful look on the table but also give beautiful and unique accent to the venue as it represents the colours of ladybug.

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