Butterfly cake suitable for any event, because of it is so cute and colorful. Baby shower is one event where the butterfly baby shower cake is often used as a centerpiece. There are various types of butterfly cakes that you can use in the baby shower. Here are some butterfly baby shower cake ideas you can use.


butterfly baby shower cake


Butterfly Baby Shower Cake: Butterfly Cupcakes

And the first butterfly baby shower cake idea is butterfly cupcakes. For a baby shower with a butterfly theme, you can make butterfly cupcakes. Bake the cupcakes, then frost the cupcakes that you have made with your favorite colors. To form the butterfly body, you can use a strip of icing or candy in different colors. Furthermore, to make the butterfly wings you can use a miniature pretzels. Place the pretzels (the rounded side is facing out) on the right and left of the body of butterfly. To make the pretzels look more interesting, you can dip them in a delicious chocolate.


Butterfly Baby Shower Cake: Candy Butterfly

This butterfly baby shower cakecan be made easily by most people. Firstly, you can bake a cake in any size or shape. Then, buy a variety of colorful candy. On top of the cake, you can make a butterfly design with candy that you have bought. For example, to set up the antenna and the bodies of butterfly, you can use a licorice rope, or long sour straws. With chocolate and fruit-shaped animals candy, or square fruit chews, you can form a butterfly wing with mosaic design.


Butterfly Baby Shower Cake: Shaped Cake

And the last butterfly baby shower cake idea is shaped cake. Bake a round-shaped cake with a selection of your favorite flavors. Once the cake has cooled thoroughly, you can start to make a butterfly-shaped cake. To make a body of butterfly, cut the cake from the center, measuring 1-inch strips. To make butterfly wings, you can use the remaining cake. After the cake is cut, you will get the remaining cake in a shape of semicircular, place the remaining cakes against the body of butterfly. After that, you can add decorations on the wings of a butterfly to make them look more attractive. And to make the butterfly antenna, you can use a licorice rope, which is placed at the top of the body of butterfly.


We hope our article about butterfly baby shower cake will be useful for you, thank you very much!

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