Butterfly Baby Shower Cake

Are you thinking for giving a butterfly baby shower cake for your relative who their baby in his or her birthday? Butterfly is a good start for the theme that you choose to please the mother. Butterfly can means a beauty, natural and good start for the baby. However you need to know what kind of item that you need to put in the butterfly baby shower cake. Actually there are a bunch of ideas that you can choose as the gift that can be covered with butterfly design of the cake. In the baby shower cake it does not always to be a cake. You will be able to fill the other item with tools for baby care. However what is the thing that you need to put to complete the cake with butterfly?

butterfly baby shower cake

Butterfly Baby Shower Cake: The Mainstream One

If we want to close to the term then if you want to give theĀ butterfly baby shower cake you will give the mother an actual cake. It is really common to shower the gift to the baby with cake. Well the baby will not be able to eat it anyway but the parent is the target in here. However giving cake is too mainstream so if possible you need to avoid it.

Giving Baby Tools

Butterfly baby shower cake need to have consideration. You need to put the right item into the cake that is suitable for butterfly theme. The right item means that it can be suitable between the item and the butterfly. You can put baby powder or baby cologne to be decorated by butterfly. These two items have a beautiful meaning. You can also put clothing as the main item in the shower cake. However try not to put diaper to be decorated in the butterfly baby shower cake. It is because people usually relate diaper to something that is not really pretty. Well you know what I mean.

About The Butterfly

Thinking about the butterfly as decoration is also the work that you need to do. How much butterfly that you need to put in the butterfly baby shower cake maybe is the first question before you start. Then the other question is the main color of the butterfly. You can put various type of butterfly decoration but try to get the similar color to them so the shower baby cake can be a real pretty to be looked.

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