Cute Baby Shower Food Idea For You

People hold a baby shower to make a kind of memorable event of the end of pregnancy. Some people choose to hold it after the baby is born. Other people stick to the tradition and even make sure the date, the month and every single thing is fit with certain of calculation which is believed to be affecting the baby’s life in the future. Well, it is really all up to the expectant parents. Now, if you plan to host one, you need cute baby shower food to complete the event. Here are some foods as your references. Or, as more reference, you may search in websites on cute baby shower food.

Cute Baby Shower Food


Creative Food

Holding a baby shower is not complete without foods and refreshment. But, you need to consider the available budget when it comes to the food. Discuss and always consult it with the expectant parents to avoid disappointment. If the budget is limited, you need creative and cute baby shower food. For example, you may choose a big watermelon and modify it to be the shape of fruit stroller. Add some slices round lemons as the wheels. And then, décor it in a way that it looks like real stroller.

Face Cookie Or Cupcake

For another creative and cute baby shower food, you can have the face cookie or cupcake. Make or order the cookie and/or the cupcake in certain amount that is at least enough for the guests. This is one of important benefits of making guests list. You can predict how many people will come and make supply for urgent needs. On this cookies and cupcakes, you may have faces, like smiling, crying, confusing or silly faces.

Cupcake Or Chocolate Lolly

For another cute baby shower food, cupcake or chocolate lolly can be a good idea. You may make them by yourself or order them. It depends on how well you can handle the whole things when you decide to make the foods and refreshment by yourself. To take home, you may have cute favor like colorful candies wrapped in cute transparent gift paper. Or, you may have ribbon candles with earrings. Get better and cute baby shower food.

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