Finger Foods For Baby Shower

Baby shower is a celebration that was held to welcome the birth of a baby. The baby shower is usually held two months before the expected baby will be born or perhaps around the age of 7 to 8 months in the womb. Finger foods for baby shower is a kind of snack that is usually presented when the celebrations.

finger foods for baby shower

Finger Foods For Baby Shower

Any kind of finger foods for baby shower form is such small foods and it can be put by fingers, look exactly like snack and yet with a more cute and unique variation. It is a symbol of the joy of the child in the womb which is awaiting final months ahead of her birth. Even though how to make the food is easy, but apparently the process to make of finger foods cannot be careless. You should know that it will be different as bridal shower, social gathering, or other events. But do not worry because we will help you with some tips on how to choose the appetizers, sandwiches, until desserts in form of finger foods, especially to enhance your baby shower event.

Prepare The Menu

First you have to plan what the menu of finger foods for baby shower will be. Selecting the menu cannot be done arbitrarily. Below we will explain a few things to note related to the menu of finger foods for baby shower. Besides later the food will make guests happy, you as the pregnant mother and the host also feel happy. Avoid too much aroma from food. Most of pregnant women are not like the smell of food that smelled everywhere. When a woman is getting pregnant, her tastes will be variety according to the activity of the hormone. Then make sure that the menu in accordance with the wishes of pregnant women.

Appetizer, Sandwich, and Dessert

Finger foods for baby shower are consisting of appetizers, sandwiches, and dessert. All of them have a small and tiny shape, like a little tiny baby. For appetizer, you can select a mini pizza, soft cranberry banana cookies, or other snacks. And then for the sandwich in finger foods for baby shower you can make a regular sandwich with tinier form. Just mix and match your creativity of cooking skill but in accordance with the craving of the pregnant mom.

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