Finger foods will be perfect for enjoyable and casual baby showers. When selecting meals items, event organizer have a variety of choices from which to select. Healthy finger foods for baby shower are excellent choice to encourage fine nutrition options for the mom-to-be and her attendees. Of course, the majority of baby showers will not be perfect without having a sugary snack or two. Consider to balance sweet specialties with certain tasty healthy products as well.

finger foods for baby shower

Finger Foods For Baby Shower: Fresh fruit Tarts

Fresh fruit tarts bring colors to every baby shower’s meals table. Tarts could be created very easily in tiny bite-size portions, topped with tasty kiwi, berries or simply grapes. Jam as well as custard also could be included to provide a more thicker taste. Tiny stars or newborn-designed cookie cutters are ideal for making cut-outs that could be put on top of every tart.

Finger Foods For Baby Shower: Frosted Pretzels

Pretzel sticks can be a finger foods for baby shower which are quite simple to embellished to fit the concept of your personal baby shower. Pretzels could be dipped in delicious white chocolate or even melted sweets and embellished with blue and pink icings for attendees to select. Layering sugars or simply sprinkles also create toppings. Wrap every pretzel in crystal clear plastic and then tie up with ribbons and twist ties .

Finger Foods For Baby Shower: Cute Lollipop Cookies

Lollipop cookies are created by inserting wood-made sticks within the cookie dough just before baking. Simple and easy sweets cookies can be changed into adorable shower lollipops by topping in a wide range of pastel colours. Cookies could be embellished to appear like blossoms, pinwheels or more sophisticated baby-shaped things.

Finger Foods For Baby Shower: Adorable Carriage-Designed Sandwiches

The next idea of finger foods for baby shower is tiny finger food sandwiches, and it can be good for afternoon events. To create your bite-sized breads much more attractive, slice the sandwiches in the form of a baby carriage utilizing a carriage-shaped sandwich cutter. Sandwiches could be garnished with pieces of  mustard or even lettuce to dot the tires and outline the top sunshade. In case you may not own a baby carriage sandwich cutter on hand, make more simple sandwiches by slicing all of them into the form of a heart.

Finger Foods For Baby Shower: Dips, Cheese, Veggies, and Crackers

With the dips as well as veggies , cheese and crackers are favorites at many social events. To create your celebration platter look nice for the guests, put your meals items on a big baby-designed dish with related napkins or plates. Regarding meat and cheese items which utilize toothpicks, think about creating little designed toothpick-toppers in the form of an infant rattle or bottle. A range of tiny baby-themed die cut forms are available in the market.

We hope this finger foods for baby shower ideas will help you to make your party more fun and enjoyable, have fun!

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