The less-formal food is perfect for making baby shower atmosphere more relaxed and casual. Simple food for a baby shower can make guests  have fun and focus on the mom-to-be. In addition, it also can save the budget, and easy to obtain.


food for a baby shower


Food For A Baby Shower: Finger Food

Finger food is food that is simple, fun and perfect as a food for a baby shower. Try serving cheese and sausage together with crackers, hot wings and also little smokies. These foods are usually readily available on the market, but it will be cheaper if you make it yourself at home. Veggie and fruit are also appropriate food for baby shower. For other options, you can also present baby shrimp which served with cocktail sauce.


Food For A Baby Shower: Fruit Carriage Bowl

Change the watermelon into a bowl for fruit salad. To fit with the theme of the baby shower, form a watermelon into a baby carriage. Buy oval-shaped watermelon, then cut about a quarter section to form a bowl. For wheels, add orange or grapes at the bottom of it with toothpick. From the remaining rind, make a rectangular shape and then paste at the top of the watermelon bowl as a carriage handler.


Food For A Baby Shower: Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountain is not only delicious, but can also be used as a centerpiece. For an amazing dippers , you can use fruits like bananas, strawberries, apple slices and cherries. You can also make a cake as dippers, such as wafers, pretzels or other types of cakes.


Food For A Baby Shower: Chips and Dips

Do not forget to provide your guests dips, such as guacamole, salsa, and other cheese  flavors that served with different types of chips. This is one of the simplest types of food for a baby shower. To fit with the theme of the baby shower, use dips in bright colors, such as French onion or ranch, and also add food coloring to match the theme of the baby shower.


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