Girl Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Having baby girl is always related with cute clothes and accessories. Many people always prepare first about the accessories and the clothes even the baby isn’t born yet. There are so many cute things related with baby girl that will make the mother often want to buy them. It is also happens at baby shower time, if your baby is girl, you will have so many cute things for that day. One of them is the cute cake. There are some girl baby shower cake ideas that you will get from this article. Maybe now you are one of the mothers that are searching for cake ideas for your baby shower time. And these are some ideas that you can make for that special day.

Girl Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Jewel Crown Cake

The pretty girl baby shower cake ideas are the jewel crown cake. This cake is look like a real jewel crown cake. It is very adorable and fit for your baby girl. It will make you feel as the queen of the party. This girl baby shower cake ideas will be perfect if you also set the place like in the castle. You can make up like the queen if you want. Then, it will be a very unique baby shower day and it will be unforgettable.

Diaper Bag Cake

Besides, the jewel crown cake, there is also a cute cake for girl baby shower cake ideas, that is diaper bag cake. It is very sweet cake with pink and brown color. This awesome diaper bag cake will make your guest think that it isn’t real cake because it almost likes an actual diaper bag. Even, it is like you can pick up the cake and carry it. The piece of the cake make it becomes one of girl baby shower cake ideas that you should consider to have it at your baby shower time.

Girl Baby Shower Cake Ideas with Winnie the Pooh Cake

If you think that jewel crown cake and diaper bag cake are too complicated as your girl baby shower cakes, there is a simple but pretty cake that may suit for you. This is also one of girl baby shower cake ideas that you should think for your baby shower day. This is called as Winnie the Pooh cake. It is like the name, there will be Winnie the Pooh accessories on the cake. Actually, you can make the cake so simple but then you should add accessories like Winnie the Pooh and Piglet on the top or beside the cake, and those accessories are immense ideas for the cake ideas and of course will make your cake look so cute.

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