There are many baby shower themes to choose from, and one of the most interesting theme is halloween. If you choose halloween as your baby shower theme, then you also have to make halloween baby shower cakes. To make halloween cakes you do not have to always use the services of a professional. Do not just make a simple cake that reads “Baby Shower Halloween”. You can make the cake in more creative ways, by using the halloween icon as your baby shower cake decorations.


halloween baby shower cakes


Halloween Baby Shower Cakes: Bats

You can make a bat-shaped cake for your halloween baby shower cakes. First, bake 2 layers of cake in the form that you like, you can make them in the form of square, rectangular or round. Then, you can using white icing to frost the halloween baby shower cakes. In the baking store or grocery store, you can buy black fondant for additional decoration on your cake. Roll fondant that you have purchased before, up to a quarter inch thick. Cut out the cookies using a bat-shaped cookie cutter to get the perfect shape of bats.


Halloween Baby Shower Cakes: Jack-o’-Lantern

You can make a baby shower cake shaped like a jack-o’-lantern. You can get this shape by using two bunt pans. Firstly, you have to make cake batter in your favorite flavor, then pour them into two bunt pans. In order to make your cakes look more similar to the jack-o’-lantern, you can use the bunt pans with scalloped edges. And then, make the orange frosting, while the cakes are being baked. To make the bright orange frosting, you can mix white, red and yellow frosting. After the both cakes baked perfectly, place the first cake on the second cake, in an up-side down position, so that you will get ‘the pumpkin’. To make the halloween baby shower cakes look more like pumpkin, just use the orange frosting that you created earlier. And add some detail by making the face of the jack-o’-lantern with black frosting.


Halloween Baby Shower Cakes: Mummy

You can also make a mummy-shaped for your halloween baby shower cakes. First of all, baking pan that you need to make this cake is ball-shaped baking pan, which is usually available in specialty stores. However, if you can’t find it, you can also use an oven-safe bowl to bake your cake. After you finish baking the cake, and it is completely cooled, then, you can use chocolate icing to frost the halloween baby shower cakes. Next, roll a quarter inch thick white fondant. Cut the fondant into strips in a width of one inch. Place those pieces of fondant on the cake, so it looks like a mummy wrapping. Give space at the top of the halloween baby shower cakes, so that the chocolate frosting is still visible, in that section you can add the mummy’s eyes. Mummy eyes are made using black and yellow fondant.


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