How To Organize A Baby Shower

Welcoming the arrival of the baby is a fun moment. And the baby shower can be something that makes first-time mom-to-be very busy and confused. If you are a family or friend of the mom-to-be, you can be a volunteer and her hold a baby shower. If you never hold a baby shower before, here are simple tips about how to organize a baby shower you should know.

how to organize a baby shower

How To Organize A Baby Shower: Time and Invitations

The first thing you should know about how to organize a baby shower is time and invitations. Decide the right time to hold a baby shower. Weekend is the perfect time, because most people have free time on the weekend. Plan a baby shower 6 to 8 weeks before the event being held.

Make a list of guests to be invited to the baby shower. You can help the mom-to-be to complete this task. And do it carefully to avoid duplication invitation list

You can invite about ten to twenty guests, depending on the size of the place where the baby shower be held. Send invitations 2 or 3 weeks before the event. You can also ask for feedback so that you can set a specific number of guests.


How To Organize A Baby Shower: Food Menu & Decoration

And the next thing about how to organize a baby shower is food menu and decoration. Plan a baby shower menu appropriately. Do not serve alcoholic beverages. There are many types of food that you can serve in a baby shower just as, finger foods, vegetable trays, chips and dip, fruit trays, and one of the most favorite is the cheese ball.

Room decoration is also one of the important things of how to organize a baby shower. Decorate the room with a particular theme that you like. You can write “New Baby”, for baby boy “It’s a Boy”, and for the baby girl “It’s a Girl”. Do not forget to create centerpieces that fit the theme of your baby shower.


How To Organize A Baby Shower: Party Activities

And the next tips about how to organize a baby shower is party activities. Plan the time required for each activity in the baby shower event. You can start with the baby shower food and drinks and warm conversation as your guests begin to arrive, and give time for forty-five minutes to eat and enjoy the atmosphere. Furthermore, you can invite guests to play baby shower games, this is optional, but baby shower games can be a fun activity for the mom-to-be and guests.

When we talk about how to organize a baby shower, don’t forget to ask for help from two guests to help during the baby shower. One person in charge to take photos during the event, and the other one in charge of making a list of gifts and gift givers.

One of the important things of how to organize a baby shower is providing time and opportunity for the guests to congratulate the mom-to-be. Do not forget to thank the guests for coming to the baby shower, as well as the gifts and prayers that they given.

 We hope this article about how to organize a baby shower will be useful for you, have fun!

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