Hosting a baby shower can be fun without having to burden your budget. Many places can be used to hold a baby shower, but the most important thing is the cosiness for the mom-to-be. Saturday is a popular day to have a party, when and where the places to have a baby shower are in accordance with the wishes of mom-to-be and the host.

places to have a baby shower

Places to Have a Baby Shower: Home

Traditional baby shower is held at the home of mom-to-be. Home is one of the good places to have a baby shower. This option is not only convenient but also free of charge. Hosting a baby shower at home mom-to-be will give many advantages. Mom-to-be will feel comfortable at home, so she did not have to travel far, and gifts have been there in the house. However, the number of guests is limited by the size of the house.

Places to Have a Baby Shower: Local or State Park

Local or State Park is a great places to have a baby shower in the spring and summer. Park is also one of the good places to have a baby shower. Parks provide a scenic backdrop, pavilions and also a fun playground for younger guests. You must make reservations in advance, and it usually free rent. Call park office around the area you live, to get more information. Some parks offer lodges and small rental cabin, which is larger than the pavilions and also  equipped with a kitchen.


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