List Of Baby Shower Games

Baby shower is an event most mother-to-bes wanted to have and one of the most fun part of baby shower is the game. Game can dilute the tense atmosphere and make the baby shower not too boring because naturally human loves to play. Because of that, in order to have a blast baby shower that wont bore people, you have to prepare some fun games. However, please pay attention on what game you’d like to have because some games can only be played by 1 or 2 persons, so make sure you prepare list of baby shower games that can suit for everyone. Last, you don’t have to worry because there are a lot of list of baby shower games on budget.

list of baby shower games

List of Baby Shower Games for Large Group

Here are list of baby shower games for large group:

Babies Sculpture

The way the game is they have to make baby sculpture made from playdough as good as they can. By playing this, people can play with their imagination and creativity, and somehow this will be fun to play. The best part is that everyone without exception can join the game. The best masterpiece will win some attractive prizes.

Bottle chugging

The old game is indeed the best game. All you need to prepare is a bottle filled with juice or wine, it’s up to you, and then they have to drink it up as fast as they can. The fastest one will win.

List of Baby Shower Games Easy

Don’t bother preparing difficult game when you have list of baby shower games in an easy way.

Water melting race

This is an easy game you can prepare because all you have to prepare are only cube and baby miniature. Put the baby miniature inside the cube and ask them to do whatever they think the best way to do to melt the cube and get the baby miniature. Of course the fastest will win.

Pin the sperm on the egg

It is a classic game where their eyes will be covered by eye cover and then with closed eye, they have to pin the thumbtack on the picture provided, in this game the thumbtack is a sperm and the picture is a picture of egg. People who pin it the right place will win.

List of Baby Shower Games Free

Lucky for you because there is a list of baby shower games that is free.

Guess the baby’s name

It is a simple yet interesting game. All they need to do is guessing the baby’s name with clues offered. The closest one will win. This must be added to your list of baby shower games because classy is always in style.

Gender revelation

Don’t disclose the baby’s gender at first but ask them to guess. It will make them more curious about the baby and make the make the atmosphere livelier.

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