Baby shower games is one of activities that the guests will not forget. Baby shower is hold to welcome the birth of the baby together with friends and family. Here is a list of baby shower games to make your baby shower more festive.

list of baby shower games

List Of Baby Shower Games: The Guess Who

The first game in the list of baby shower games is The Guess Who. Baby shower games are used as an ice breaker and also create a party atmosphere more enjoyable. Previously, ask guests to bring photos when they were babies, and collect the photos as they arrive at the party. Paste the pictures on the board, and put the numbers on the photos. Provide paper and pencils to the guests, and ask them to guess whose pictures that posted on the board.

List Of Baby Shower Games: Baby Drawing

You can also give a pencil and  paper plate to the guests, and then ask them to guess what the baby’s face will look like. Ask them to write their names on the back of the paper plate. To make the list of baby shower games more fun, ask your guests to put the plate on their head, and then draw the baby’s face to complete. The winner is a person who draw the best image that most preferred by the mom-to-be.

List Of Baby Shower Games: Diaper Surprise

The next list of baby shower games is diaper surprise. You can use a variety of items such as baby food jar, bottle, rattle, and others. Wrap these objects using diapers. Give the number on diapers using a permanent marker. Pass diapers to all guests, so that guests can guess what is inside the diapers. A guest with most correct  answers is the winner.

List Of Baby Shower Games: The Price Is Right

The last game in the list of baby shower games is The Price Is Right. You can use 10-20 pictures of specific baby items. As you collect images, create a note that contains information about these items, from the item’s brand to prices. Give the numbers on the photos, on the back of the picture, write down the price of the goods. Paste the pictures on the board, and ask the guests to guess the price of these items.

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