Every child likes monkeys, monkeys are cute and agile animal, therefore a lot of people buying monkey-shaped cakes on a lot of events, for example, baby shower. There are many ways to choose monkey baby shower cakes, whether it is only monkey face or the entire body of the monkey.


 monkey baby shower cakes


Monkey Baby Shower Cakes: The Basics

Because the baby shower theme you choose is a monkey, banana flavor cake would be a great option. Another popular flavor is chocolate or vanilla. There are many strategies in making this cake, you can buy it from the store, using a mix, or create your own from scratch.


Monkey Baby Shower Cakes: The Scenery Cake

There are various forms of monkey baby shower cakes, and the simple one is round or rectangular, and then add plain light icing on the cake, there are a variety of basic colors to choose from, it may be white or sky blue. Use the cake as a blank canvas, you can start it by making a scene of monkeys eat bananas or climbing a tree. Melt Tootsie Rolls with microwave for a few moments, or put it in your hands. Then, cut it into pieces, and start forming trees, grass, and the body of monkey. After that you can add banana-shaped candy in the trees and monkey hands.


Monkey Baby Shower Cakes:The Shaped Cake

Most people choose to make monkey baby shower cakes by mold, however, make a monkey face-shaped cake without a mold is also very easy. You can start with a circular cake, then cut both sides of the cake, in the form of a triangle, so that the cake now change into a figure 8. And then, we make the ears, you can use the part of cake that has been cut, or bake a second smaller cake, cut the cake in half, then use it as monkey’s ear. Paste both ears with icing. If you want to make a monkey shaped cake completely, you can use another round cake as the body, or other cakes that can be cut into the tail and arms. Then decorating the cake with delicious dark chocolate icing. Lighter chocolate for the stomach, and the colors icing for another detail.


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