Pictures of Diaper Cake

Do you know diaper cake? It is a kind of cake recognizing the baby birth. It is usually used to a ritual of throwing diaper to guests in which it signs that you officially introduce your baby to people and world. The selection of diaper cakes is little bit making you confused. Pictures of diaper cake seem to be the only medium to help in selecting it. Here are some unique signs of the diaper cake.

pictures of diaper cake

One Diaper on Pictures of Diaper Cake

Baby diaper is very funny and nice to see. It is so small but it can be used for longer time. The presence of diaper should be in a baby shower party. This is a sign of baby birth. One diaper on pictures of diaper cake means that you have girl baby. If you have her, it is great to decorate diaper cake with some girly accessories and model. It makes it look harmonious. Meanwhile, two diapers represent the baby birth of boy. So, when you see two different numbers of diapers, you should understand it in which it is related to gender of baby birth.

Rubber on Pictures of Diaper Cake

The design of diaper cake can be considered from pictures of diaper cake offered to you. It usually contains some things to decorate this cake. One of the things is namely rubber bracelets. This is useful to adorn your cake and prevent guests approaching to your cake. Putting this thing has a meaning that you do not get closer to the cake before the baby shower party begins.

Decorative Accents on Pictures of Diaper Cake

Decorative accents take an important role in designing pictures of diaper cake. It is beneficial to make it look interesting and attractive. Decorative ribbon can be put on the cake in which you have to take pastel colors. Those colors tend to be suitable for introducing a new baby born to public. The example of the ribbon includes pink, purple, blue and yellow. It is allowed exploiting cute dolls on the cake. It becomes a nice decorative accent of cake for your beloved baby.

The Design on Pictures of Diaper Cake

Most of the designs of pictures of diaper cake are simple and elegant. This design is regarded to be the favorite one because it can steal one’s attention through its simplicity and message. It usually involves a minimalist model, cartoon figure and some nature characters like cloud, flowers and scenery. The most important point is that it includes a diaper theme in this cake. Those are some signs of diaper cake to inspire in choosing better one.

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