What is a diaper cake? Diaper cake is not a diaper-shaped cake that served for the party. Actually, diaper cake is diaper stack which decorated and designed to resemble a cake. Diaper cake is a perfect gift for mom-to-be at a baby shower. There are many ways to decorate and design a diaper cake, you can make a creative and cute diaper cake, here are pictures of diaper cake you can use.


pictures of diaper cake


Pictures of Diaper Cake: Flower Diaper Cake

You can use a diaper cake as a centerpiece at your baby shower. Diaper cake will make your event more fancy and sophisticated.  Before you start to make it, you can search pictures of diaper cake through the internet.  To make flower diaper cake you can use any color you want, but make sure you use fake flowers, because the color of real flowers more easily be faded if it lacks of water. To make a diaper cake, there are several steps you should do, firstly, make a big circle of diapers in a single layer, then mash them using wrapping paper. Then, repeat the same steps for the second and third layer, the next layer should be smaller than the previous layer. Stack the three layers of diapers, then put a bouquet of flowers on the top of third layer, and make sure to put a bouquet of flowers beautifully . You must choose a bouquet color that matches the color of wrapping paper to make the diaper cake looks more perfect.


Pictures of Diaper Cake: Sailboat Diaper Cake

You can also make a sailboat diaper cake, although this type of diaper cake a little hard to make, but it would be a wonderful gift for the mom-to-be. Make a big circle of diapers in one layer, mash them with a light blue wrapping paper. Repeat the step to make the second and third layer, and make sure the next layer is always smaller than the previous layer. Stack those three layers of diapers. Paste nautical themed pictures, such as, fish, anchor or sailboat at the front of each layer of diapers. To create the effect of water, you can use a thick layer of light blue ribbon to fill the space above each layer. To create additional details you can search more pictures of diaper cake to get new inspirations.


Pictures of Diaper Cake: Showered with Gifts

This type of diaper cake is really perfect for mothers who have a baby boy or a baby girl. To make this diaper cake, you can make 2 layers of diapers, the explanation described above, and then in the third layer, you can put a variety of baby items, such as socks, bottles, onesies, pacifiers and other small items that would be useful for the mom-to-be.
We hope our article about pictures of diaper cake will be useful for you, enjoy!


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