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Baby shower will be very memorable moment for every parent especially when they have first baby. Baby shower is a traditional way to celebrate and introduce the new baby born to families and friends. The guest will give new parents a gift that need by baby. Some people may think that baby shower is just interesting and important even for the first child, but actually every birth is a gift and it always has a reason to celebrate. As a parent, create baby shower event may be take much energy. The simplest thing to create the whole concept is considering baby’s gender. If your baby is a boy, prince baby shower theme will be great.

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prince baby shower theme

Prince Baby Shower Theme Preparation

Well-prepared event can gives you great and memorable moment. Hence, plan every single step of your prince baby shower theme. You can start with some steps:

  • Main concept, even you’ve decided the main concept is prince baby shower theme you still need to consider the main color of the entire event. Are you wanted to create an England or Asian nuance? It’s up to you!
  • Invitation card, invitation card can be the most important thing. You can put the entire baby shower’s information in the card. You can write the dress code, things to bring, time schedule etc. to make the card more impactful, you can create it by yourself.
  • Main dish, select traditional dishes to serve on your event. A traditional food can create traditional ambiance and the kingdom taste of prince baby shower theme.

Prince Baby Shower Inspirations

After finished preparing all things you will need in the prince baby shower theme, you still can added some things to create the whole concept like in old kingdom era.

  • The gift, you can pick the prince or kingdom ambiance for the gift such as candy with crown shape.
  • The costume, mother can wear long dress with tiara and father wear king’s suit with crown. Perfect costume for prince baby shower theme!

Prince Baby Shower Main Event

The main event of baby shower is introducing and celebrating the baby born. Hence, it must be a very happy event with warm nuance. You can hold the event in garden as garden party or inside home as tea party. Whatever the place is, create the friendly and homey environment for all your guests is the best thing!

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