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Throw a prince-themed baby shower for your friend or family member who is having a baby boy. You can choose simple prince ideas, or go all out. Whatever you decide, the color blue should play a big role in this party. Let the prince theme guide all of your choices for this party, from food to favors.

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prince baby shower theme

Decorate the room so that it is fit for a prince. Use blue tulle and sparkling crystal garlands to decorate lamps and light fixtures. Get blue tutus and use them to decorate the chairs simply by sliding them over the chairs’ backs. Create a prince centerpiece by purchasing large blue crowns from a party store. Scatter blue confetti around the crowns. Purchase paper or plastic napkins, cups and plates with crowns on them. Alternatively, throw an elegant prince shower and use crystal plates and blue cloth napkins.

Serve a blue punch or blue cocktail if you are serving the guests—with the exception of the mom to be—alcohol. The food should be luxurious, so serve nice cheeses and artisan breads. Create chocolate-covered strawberries and sugar cookies frosted in blue. Shape the cookies like crowns to further enhance the theme. Delicate sandwiches cut into crown shapes with a cookie cutter will also play into the prince theme.

Give your guests edible favors. Create sugar cookies and wrap them in clear cellophane. Cut them into prince-themed shapes, such as a wand, a crown or a tutu. Decorate them with royal frosting, which hardens when it dries. You can also find all kinds of edible decorations at a specialty baking shop, such as silver balls, sparkles and gold leaf. Alternatively, create chocolate lollipops. Use a mold in the shape of a crown, which you can purchase from a craft store or baking shop. Pour melted white or dark chocolate into the mold and insert a stick while the chocolate is still melted. Remove the lollipops from the mold once they have hardened. Give each guest two or three lollipops, tied with a blue ribbon.

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