Spanish Baby Shower Games

spanish baby shower games

Just like other types of baby shower events, Spanish baby shower will also include some simple games to cherish the party. There are many kinds of games you can use in a baby shower events. Usually, games played in baby shower party are identical with baby things such as diaper, baby food, toys, and many more. Here in this article, I will show you some common games which can also be adopted in Spanish baby shower games. So, for you who are planning to hold baby shower event, this article may be a good help in preparing the event well.

spanish baby shower games 2

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Spanish Baby Shower Games: Baby Photo

If you are using Spanish theme in your baby shower event, you do not need to worry because you can still use this enjoyable baby photo game as one of your Spanish baby shower games. Baby photo is one of the most common games played in a baby shower event. Besides it simplicity, baby photo game is so identical with baby atmosphere. The rule is so simple. All what you need is just asking your guests to bring their baby photos and submit them when they come to the party. In the middle of the party, you can start the game by showing some photos and asking your guests to guess who are there in the photo. As usually the people you invited to your baby shower are those who are close to you, this baby photo Spanish baby shower games will be so enjoyable that it can remind you and your guests about your baby-hood.

Spanish Baby Shower Games: Memory Game

Memory game is also a common game which can be used in any themes of baby shower, including Spanish baby shower. If you are in your way searching for Spanish baby shower games, memory game can be a good idea. In this game, what you need to prepare are baby things like toys, diapers, and the others things related to baby. After that, put all items in a diaper bag or and let your guests put their hands into the bag and guess what items are inside. This will be interesting as they will try to remember all things they used to play or use when they are still a baby.

Spanish Baby Shower Games: Guess What??

The last but not least game you can use as your Spanish baby shower games called Guess What?? This game, just like the other two I told above, is also a common game played in a baby shower around the world. In this game, what you need to prepare are bags and baby items. Different from Memory Game which use one big diaper bag, this game uses many bags with baby items inside. What your guests need to do is listing what are the items in every bag just by touching the outer bag, not putting their hands into the bag.

Overall, many games played in a baby shower are actually the common one because things related to baby are standard. So, for your Spanish baby shower games, those three games I suggested above are also the common one. Remember that the purpose of the game is just to break the boring atmosphere and cherish your party. That is why finding the simple and common game will be better than playing the complex one.

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