Spanish Baby Shower Games

spanish baby shower games

Baby showers are a relatively new tradition in Latin culture. But with such high profile celebrities as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony having lavish showers, hispanic families around the globe are beginning to throw these parties to celebrate the new baby. So put together some great food, colorful decorations and fabuloso games, and give the new mom a party she’ll never forget.

spanish baby shower games 2

spanish baby shower games 3

Spanish Baby Shower Games: Gift Bingo

Make up bingo cards but instead of letters and numbers, use baby gifts. There are many printable versions of this online, or create your own using pictures cut from magazine ads. As the mom-to-be opens up her presents, guests mark their bingo cards. The first one to cover all the spaces in a row wins.

Spanish Baby Shower Games: Baby Wrapping

Provide the guests with a shawl and a baby-sized doll. Time each guest as she wraps the baby in a South American rebozo, or shawl, and puts in on her back. The one who is fastest wins.

Spanish Baby Shower Games: Name That Baby

Give every guest a pad of paper and a pen. Remind every one what the new baby’s name will be. Set the timer, and give the guests five minutes to write down as many Spanish names as they can that start with the same letter as the name chosen for the new baby. The person with the longest list wins.

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