Hosting a baby shower for twins does not mean adding the problem. Hosting a baby shower for twins can be a fun, starting from create invitations to set the decorations. Baby shower games can make your guests stay happy and entertained. Because your babies are twins, then happiness becomes double. Here are the list of twin baby shower games to make your baby shower more exciting, fun and enjoyable.


twin baby shower games


Twin Baby Shower Games: Messy Diapers

And the first twin baby shower games is quite interesting. In this game, the things you need are baby food and diapers. Give the diaper number, from one to five, and then write down what you put on a diaper, so you have a list of answers. Mix the two types of baby food in the diaper. For example, mix sweet potatoes with bananas. Then ask the guests to smell diapers, then guess what baby food contained in the diaper. Players who can guess the most will be the winner.


Twin Baby Shower Games: Matching Pairs

For this game, the thing that you need are socks size zero to six months. Make sure you buy socks with a variety of colors. Mixed collection of socks, and put them on the floor. Each player is given a chance for 20 seconds (or any other time limit, all up to you) to find each pair of socks, as much as possible. Players who can match most, will bring a gift, a lot twin baby socks.


Twin Baby Shower Games: Diaper Tag Team

In this game, the things you need to prepare are cloth diapers, teddy bears or would be better if you have a baby doll, and a few safety pins. Your guests will be divided into teams of two people. Each team must rapidly be put cloth diapers on a baby doll. Each player is only allowed to use one hand. The winner is the team that could put a cloth diaper the fastest and most neatly.


Twin Baby Shower Games: Twins Treasure Hunt

And the last twin baby shower games that you need to consider is twins treasure hunt. In this game, you need a lot of objects in pairs, such as socks, shoes, gloves, or even baby clothing. Hide these objects in your home, and the players have to do treasure hunt, to find objects in pairs, as much as possible. Players who can find the most will be the winner.


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