Unisex Baby Shower Games

unisex baby shower games

If the baby’s gender is a mystery, the baby shower games and fun don’t have to be limited. You can play all sorts of creative unisex baby shower games without knowing the sex of the baby. Play games that both focus on the mommy-to-be as opposed to the sex of the baby or equally on both possible baby genders.

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Memory Game

Play a game that does not focus on the unknown gender of the baby-to-be but instead concentrates on the new mom. Take a stroll down memory lane as guests of the mom-to-be recount their favorite memories with her. Allow guests time to think about or write down their favorite memory of the mom-to-be and then read it aloud to her. This will remind her how special and appreciated she is by everyone around her. Ask the guests why they think she will be such a great mom to her future daughter or son and how excited they are for her.

Allow everyone to experience the pains and joys of motherhood by playing games with baby dolls. Let guests compete to see who can change a diaper in the fastest time. Have a contest in swaddling the baby or leave out various articles of clothing with which each guest must dress her baby. The winner is whoever dresses her baby doll the fastest wins. In this game, use both baby boy and baby girl dolls as part of a unisex baby shower theme.

Throw a scrapbook-themed baby shower. Ask guests t0 come prepared with some of their favorite pictures and memories of themselves with the baby’s family. Each guest can create a scrapbook page of their photos, magazine cut-outs and other decorative appliques. The memory book will serve as a great way for both the mom-to-be to see how appreciated she is and the baby to learn as he or she grows older how excited everyone was for his or her arrival. At the end of the party, each guest can place her page into a scrapbook. Choose a gender-neutral color for the scrapbook, such as a green, yellow or orange.

If the mom-to-be does not know the sex of her baby, she will have a larger pool to pick from for baby names. Help her narrow down her choices by having guests vote on her top five or 10 girl and boy names and narrow down her list for her. Have each guest explain why she chose the name she did. Or, have guests list their own suggestions for possible boy and girl names. This game will be fun for guests and helpful for the mommy-to-be as she hunts for the perfect name for her girl or boy.

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