Unisex Baby Shower Games

unisex baby shower games

Silly and Goofy Unisex Baby Shower Games

Throwing a baby shower is one of parents-to-be dream. Most of them want to throw a special baby shower to welcome their baby. The baby shower usually held on seven months pregnancy. In a baby shower, there is several fun things worth to try. If you attend a baby shower party, go join the games provided. The problem is that the baby shower games usually do not fit to the sex of the baby. To overcome this matter, you’d better to choose unisex baby shower games. This kind of games will be suit on any sex your baby has. If you are the type of person who have a little funny and silly personalities, these following games may fit in your baby shower party. Try them out and impress your guests!

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Delectably Dirty Diapers Unisex Baby Shower Games

The first step you should take on is buying some variety of chocolate bars. Before the unisex baby shower games begin, melt each varieties of the chocolate in the microwave and spread it into throwaway diaper. Make sure to number the diapers and keep it in proper place. This unisex baby shower games allow will allow your guest to examine the diapers and find out candy or chocolate types belong to. Some of your guest could feel gross out. During the baby shower, the diapers are set out to smell by the guests. If you want to make the games easier, you can display the wrappers of the candy bar. Have your guests to write down a list of chocolate bar over the diapers. The one who win this game is who can guess the chocolate bars correctly.

Baby Face Unisex Baby Shower Games

Actually, this unisex baby shower games is a little difficult to set up, but it’s full of so much fun. Prepare your full-face photographs with your couple and make some enlarged color copies. Cut out the main features of the face. Prepare a cut out color baby face from magazine or other sources. Make sure the size as same as the photographs of yours. Make your guest to arrange your cut out photographs features on the baby face. It will make them predict what your upcoming baby might look like. This unisex baby shower games also can be used to predict how the face of your baby whether like you or your couple.

My Water Broke Unisex Baby Shower Games

First thing you should prepare is buying packs of plastic babies. Freeze one of them into an ice cube for your guests. When your guests have arrived, give all of them a cup with the ice cube inside. This unisex baby shower games will allow or even forbid your guest to add up liquid substance into the cup. The winner is the one whose ice melted and shouts “My water broke!”

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